Step one: take one step.

Step one: take one step.

If you’re thinking of walking The Commute with us this June, now’s the time to start preparing. And the first thing you’ll want to do is start walking.

Our suggested training schedule begins March 15th with a brisk 2 mile walk.

Add it to your calendar.

Choose a route that’s convenient to you, that’s about two miles long, and try to complete it in about 40 minutes. Faster if you can. The short walks on the calendar are meant to help build stamina, so get that heart-rate up.

As you begin training make note of how you feel during your walk: Are you feeling any hot-spots on your feet? Chafing on your legs? Are you warm enough, or too warm? Paying close attention to these early walks will help make the future walks waaaaay more comfortable. Like, way.

Don’t forget to bring some water, maybe a snack, and dress for the weather. If you live in the SF Bay Area March 15 looks like it’s going to be a lovely day.

One last piece of advice to send you off right: it’s ok to stop and enjoy the sights.

See you out there.