The Commute 2016

The Commute 2016

Let’s do this.

Join us June 4th for The Commute 2016, the longest toughest walk you’ll do all year.

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The plan:

Start: Circle of Palms Plaza, San Jose CA
: Justin Herman Plaza, San Francisco CA
Start Time: 9:45 AM
Finish: 3:00 AM – 10:00 AM (depending on how quickly you finish)
Cost: (approximately) $60 for lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks

We’re going to meet up at the Circle of Palms Plaza in downtown San Jose at 9:45 AM. After snapping our pictures and high-fiving each other and using those nice bathrooms at the hotel next door we’ll leave at 10:00 AM sharp.

From there we’ll follow our usual route: North up Market Street to Santa Clara Ave and down The Alameda to El Camino Real. Lunch will be some place in Sunnyvale (TBD, open to suggestions). We’ll deviate from the route a bit in San Carlos when we detour through downtown to find a place for dinner (also TBD). Then we’re back on El Camino right through Daly City where we’ll switch to Mission Street, then Valencia and finally Market Street to the finish.

We’ll take short breaks approximately every 3-4 miles, or as needed, with longer stops for lunch and dinner in Sunnyvale and San Carlos respectively.

This is one long and difficult trek, so please prepare accordingly.


How to prepare:

  • Dress in light layers—lightweight pants, t-shirt or lightweight long-sleeved shirt, and a lightweight jacket. It can get very breezy and cold in the upper peninsula, especially at night.
  • Wear sunscreen, and bring extra for re-application.
  • Wear a hat and sunglasses.
  • Bring water—at least two quarts. We’ll stop to refill at places like Safeway and Starbucks along the way.
  • Pack yourself some snacks to eat along the way.
  • Bring money for lunch, dinner, and stops at shops. About $60 should suffice.
  • Make sure to wear comfortable socks, shoes and comfortable clothes. A spare pair of socks is advised.
  • Pack a flashlight, phone, spare battery (or power source).
  • Bring some basic first-aid supplies to treat blisters and scrapes. Suggest bringing some ibuprofen.
  • Have a plan in place in case you need to leave early. If you develop a bad blister, twist your ankle, or just decide you’d rather be someplace else have a plan in place. It could be by bus, Uber, or by calling someone to come get you.


The route:

Check out the embedded map below. Click the menu button in the top-right corner of the map to get free printable directions.



See you out there!